Sustainable packaging development

Boosting Brand & Agencies with Packaging Sustainability & Transparency

Hi, I'm Juozas

Consulting on Sustainable Packaging Development, working directly with brand owners as a temporary Packaging Development advisor. Leading projects by helping designers, manufacturers and marketers to do their best while keeping packaging Sustainable and Transparent.

• Consulting on Packaging Innovation topics and discussing possibilities for specific brands/products. Developing unique material and structural design solutions.

• Creating packaging Sustainability & Transparency roadmaps

• Transforming packaging with a focus on customer education.

• Guiding discussions and tasks between internal departments, designers, manufacturers and suppliers when researching and implementing innovations.

I do packaging development and project management projects with the main focus on sustainability and transparency. I fluently speak business, design and manufacturing languages which helps to facilitate communication between all parties and departments involved and lead the whole process.

Building communities and creating new cross-industry networks: I speak about packaging topics in conferences and universities, participating in workshops and cross-industry events.

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